Essential Kalamazoo SEO Services You Need to Know About

Kalamazoo SEO services can be make or break for any business in the area. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, being easily searchable online is a big deal. In fact, 32% of consumer say they use the internet “multiple times a week” for the express purpose of finding local businesses. Meanwhile, only 2% never use the internet to find local businesses. So, if you’re not optimizing your site, you’re almost certainly losing out on customers.

However, we believe this is good news for small businesses. With the right strategy, search engine optimization can benefit a business of any size or industry. In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing three essential SEO services in Kalamazoo and how they can benefit you.

On-Page SEO: Working Within the Website

“On-page SEO” refers to SEO that you can see on the page as a layperson. Generally speaking, on-page SEO focuses on keywords and hyperlinks to help search engines like Google understand what the website is.

In plain English, on-page SEO involves placing keywords on the page that audiences search for in Google. Then, an on-page SEO specialist adds links around the website that help audiences find similar services.

Other examples of on-page SEO include:

  • Adding Title Tags
  • Writing Meta Descriptions
  • Making Content Easy to Read
  • Increasing User Engagement

Off-Page SEO: Working Around the Website

Search engines like Google aren’t just interested in what’s on a website—they’re also interested in what other people think of a website. Thay’s why Google ranks your site higher if other websites link to it.

Off-page SEO focuses on these other websites linking to your website and (as a result) getting people to click those links. Generally, this is done by adding links to your website on social media, but also happens naturally as others share your site.

Some other off-page SEO strategies are:

  • Managing Google Business Profiles
  • Running Online Ad Campaigns
  • Guest Posting on Similar Sites
  • Content Marketing (making helpful content that others want to link to)

Technical SEO: Building the Website

Technical SEO is overlooked way too often. This may be because, unlike on- and off-page SEO, technical SEO is invisible—or, at least, hidden.

In a nutshell, technical SEO services focus on making a website run well and simply “feel good.” Most often, that means doing things like reducing load times to an absolute minimum and making the website compatible with different devices. Think about it this way: are you more likely to stay on a site that takes 15 seconds to load a page, or half a second?

Technical SEO also extends to a variety of other, more complicated strategies that we won’t cover today. That said, just know that a lot of programming and tech wizardry is involved.

Some examples of this tech wizardry are:

  • SSL/TSL Certification (in English: verifying your website as safe and secure)
  • Making Sites Mobile-Friendly
  • Writing Robots.txt Files (in English: telling Google which pages to keep track of)
  • Preventing and Fixing 404 Errors

Start Your Kalamazoo SEO Today

With the right approach to SEO, any business can have a strong online presence, no matter how small. We’d know; here at Blue Fire Media, we help small businesses get found online every day.

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