Get a Responsive Website to Reach More Customers

If you have an older website, it may be a time for an upgrade to ensure that customers can successfully find and access your business. Older websites will not perform properly on today’s newer devices like smartphones and tablets. If customers have difficulty using and navigating your older website, chances are they will close it out and move onto another business out of frustration. Don’t lose customers to an outdate website. Blue Fire Media can redesign and update your website, making it easier for customers to use and increasing the chances of them doing business with you. Read further for more information about how our talented web development team can improve your online presence with a new responsive website for your Kalamazoo business.

Increased Functionality for Smartphones or Tablets

While there are still plenty of people who use traditional desktop or laptop computers, a majority of web searches are done with tablets or smartphones. If your website has not been designed to be responsive to these types of devices, then customers will have difficulty navigating different pages, links or videos may not play properly, and photos may not load at all. This leads to a frustrating user experience that will more than likely cause the person to leave your website and look elsewhere. Blue Fire Media has a talented team of web developers who can create a brand new website that is responsive and compatible with smartphones and tablets. This means that the content on the site will be in a font that is easier to read, pictures will automatically format to fit the screen, and the navigation will function properly, allowing users to successfully access the information they need. We can format the website to match the color scheme you prefer and even design a new eye-catching logo to increase your company’s visibility.

Get Better Search Results with Search Engine Optimization

Now that your website is responsive to all the available devices out there, Blue Fire Media can provide you with search engine optimization to make that website more visible in online searches. Our copywriters can create original content focusing on keywords that users commonly type into search engines, triggering the search engine algorithms that will help your website appear close to the top of internet searches. From there, we can write monthly blogs about your products and services that will help bolster your website and help you reach more potential customers in Kalamazoo.

Whether you are looking to upgrade from your existing, outdated website, or you are starting from scratch for a new business, Blue Fire Media in Kalamazoo can create a great website that customers can easily find online and use without glitches regardless of the device they use. Contact us today to get started.

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