Get Web Design Services and Search Engine Optimization to Help Your Business

Blue Fire Media offers web design services in Kalamazoo to get your business noticed by more prospective customers. Whether you are starting a new business and need a website to get the ball rolling, or you have an outdated website that needs to be upgraded to work properly with modern devices, our experienced team can build and host a responsive website to meet your business needs. We can also provide you with ongoing search engine optimization to help your website perform better in internet searches, so the customers looking for your services can find you and contact you more easily. In today’s post, we’ll explore the ways in which a new responsive website can benefit your Kalamazoo area business.

Web Design That Works on All Devices

Have you ever tried visiting a business’s website on your smartphone or tablet, but the site just doesn’t work properly? Some of the things you may notice are links that are so small it’s hard to click on them, pictures that either don’t load or look pixelated, videos that are constantly refreshing, or other problems that are likely to cause you to find a competitor whose website functions the way it’s supposed to. Now, imagine potential customers having the same experience visiting your website. You can keep those customers from leaving your site and choosing competitors by having Blue Fire Media’s web design team build you a new responsive website that looks great and works on all modern devices. Not only will the website look better, but the features on the site will automatically adjust in size, making the site easier to use and navigate.

Search Engine Optimization for Increased Visibility in Web Searches

Once your new website has gone live, Blue Fire Media can provide ongoing search engine optimization service to help potential customers find your business more easily. Our copywriting team will write blog posts for your website, focusing on keywords that describe your products and services. Search engines use these keywords in their algorithms to rank businesses, based on location and original content. For example – a plumbing company that specializes in septic tank services will need content discussing those services. This way, when a customer needs work on a septic tank, they will quickly find plumbing companies who can take care of this unpleasant situation, rather than having to look through numerous plumbing websites to find the right one. By focusing the website content on your company’s specialties, you will get more customers looking for those specific services.

Our talented web design team is ready to get to work on your next website and can even provide you with graphic design services. Call us and let us know what you have in mind today.