How SEO Gets Kalamazoo Businesses Ranked #1 on Google

When it comes to marketing, it can often times feel like there’s some measure of magic that brings sales to life. When placing the web design of your business in the hands of companies like us here at Blue Fire Media in Kalamazoo, trying to track how we net you high returns on investment can be a daunting task. That’s why today’s blog post will illuminate one of our favorite ways of getting you ranked high on Google: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Specifically, we’ll first discuss the basics of what SEO is, and then we’ll dive into how we use SEO to convert Google searches from across the area to real-life sales for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (In a Nutshell)

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy with perhaps the highest return on investment of any modern tool. Let’s imagine you’re sitting at home one day and decide you want to buy a new toaster. If you want the best deal on a toaster near you, then you probably search in Google something along the lines of “buy toaster Kalamazoo.” While you only see a page of results and links, Google performs a complicated matching of the term you searched, “buy toaster Kalamazoo,” with terms similar to it on the web. So, even if the article you click is titled “10 best toasters to buy in Kalamazoo” instead of “buy toaster Kalamazoo” directly, Google still ranks that article as relevant and shows it to you. Then, once you’ve clicked a link that seems to resolve your search query, you close out Google and go buy the toaster of your dreams.

How Blue Fire Media Uses SEO to Convert Searches to Sales

Now imagine you’re the toaster seller, instead of the toaster buyer. You want Google to rank your website on page one for as many relevant terms as possible. This means that you’re sprinkling terms that potential buyers might search in Google to cast a wide net. You don’t just want to catch the attention of people who search “buy toaster Kalamazoo,” you also want to catch the eye of people searching terms like “kitchen appliances Kalamazoo,” “cheap toasters near me,” or “best toaster Kalamazoo.” With Search Engine Optimization, we sprinkle terms like these throughout your website and blog posts to make sure that Google knows that you offer solutions to these searches.

Google wants its users to find satisfactory answers to all their searches. Search Engine Optimization simply lets Google know that you provide the answers to questions real people in your community have. The more Google sees you’re making a difference for the better, the more they’ll direct traffic to your site by listing it at the top of their search results.

Here at Blue Fire Media, we’re experts in balancing SEO services to catch both Google’s attention and the attention of potential customers. Our copywriters are specially trained to not just get you noticed by Google, but provide your site’s visitors with meaningful, informative content. While we know how to catch the attention of the algorithm, we feel it’s our first priority to write good content for the human on the other side of the screen.

Are you looking to get your business seen by people who need your goods and services? Contact our team here at Blue Fire Media to get eyes on your business today.