How SEO Services Overhaul Kalamazoo Marketing

Search engine optimization is hands-down one of the best ways to market your business in the digital age. Unlike PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and display ads (such as pop-ups and banners on websites), SEO (search engine optimization) market you long after you paid for it. In fact, with only minimal maintenance, your SEO could benefit you for years to come!

Since the norms and practices of the internet transform so fast, SEO stands apart from the crowd due to its longevity. But how is it that SEO services help market your website long after you’ve forgotten about them? Also, why is SEO so beneficial in the long-term on the internet, where it’s said that trends come and go in two weeks and users have an attention span of only 8 seconds?

Well, today we’ll be talking about how search engine optimization helps you in the long haul and why Kalamazoo businesses prefer our SEO services.

How SEO Services Get You Found Again and Again

Search engine optimization is like a traditional investment. When you spread a small sum of money across a few different avenues, you’ll find that your seed money will grow over time. SEO works in a similar way.

With SEO, you choose a few different terms that you want people to find you with when they search online. If you run a business that sells candy, you may choose terms like “candy stores Kalamazoo,” or “buy candy online.” After you’ve selected these terms, you invest in them by adding them to your website and creating content around them that’s useful to people.

Over time, Google sees that people who search these terms click on your website. When Google notices this, they look for metrics such as:

  • How many people are visiting your website
  • How long people are staying on your website
  • How actively updated your website is

Then, they show more people to your website based on how highly these metrics are ranked in comparison to your competitors, and you can reap the rewards of proper search engine optimization.

But you may ask: why does it matter how long you’ve been doing SEO if these are the metrics Google looks for?

Well, the answer is simple and complicated.

The Simple Answer: The longer you’ve been attracting people to your website, the more Google trusts your site.

The Complex Answer: Clever SEO will make the experience as enjoyable as possible for site visitors, which make them more likely to click on-site and stay on-site. At the same time, good SEO will help embed your site in the “web” of the world wide web, meaning your site will establish more and more links to and from it over time.

Essentially, search engine optimization is best when is works as a sort of compounding interest, where it multiplies over time to finally leave you with your ideal search ranking. The best part? It’s the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy.

How Our SEO Services Help Kalamazoo Businesses Get Found

Our team here at Blue Fire knows how optimize any business to make it competitive online in the long-term. We use insider techniques such as responsive design and meta data tags to get Kalamazoo business found online and keep customers wanting to learn more.

From the graphics to the programming to the very content itself, all aspects of a website end up contributing to its search engine ranking one way or another. Here at Blue Fire Media, our team of professionals is trained to optimize every nook and cranny of your site.

Do you want a beautiful website for your businesses that gets found by the people you want to find it? If so, click here to contact us today for more information.

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