Kalamazoo Web Design and Content: What You Need to Know

What are the qualities that make strong web design?

If you just thought to yourself, “I don’t know,” then you’re certainly not alone. Web design’s finer points can still feel like mysteries to those who haven’t spent decades of their life watching the world wide web evolve like our team at Blue Fire Kalamazoo have.

Don’t get us wrong, though, we fully understand why someone might want to spend their free time outdoors with loved ones instead of indoors with their website’s code. For that reason, we‘re taking this month’s blog post to overview what you need to know about web design and web content to make an informed decision about what type of site you want to have. And don’t worry—we’ll do it fast enough to get you back offline and enjoying the fall air.

Why Web Design and Content Matter

Web development and quality content are critical for two reasons. The one you likely know already is because when websites look nice and feel nice to use, people (and potential customers) visit them more often. The second reason, though, is less obvious.

The second reason is this: the more people that visit your website, and the longer they visit, makes search engines more likely to recommend it to people. Therefore, even people who spend time on your website that aren’t looking to convert to active customers are good for your business. Similar to how you might want to check out a booth at the farmer’s market that other people seem interested in, websites that get a lot of visitors (even non-purchasing ones) make it more likely others will come by.

At Blue Fire Kalamazoo, we tap into this phenomenon by creating a blend of web design and content that intuitively makes people feel welcome on your site.

How do we do this? Let’s break it down.

How Web Design and Content Interact

We blend web design and content to make website visitors feel welcome by following two primary tenets of site creation: directing audience attention and crafting informative, friendly content.

A visitor to your site should never have to feel lost or frustrated to get answers to what they feel are simple questions. Kind of like calling your pharmacy and talking to a robotic voice for 20 minutes before finally reaching a human, people don’t want to feel like the have to “push through” a website to find what they need.

To address this, we follow web design rules of directing attention that make information easy to access. Our headings, for example, are all designed by our graphics team to easily guide the eye and break up information based on the content and information they have. You’ll also notice our work follows other core tenets of design, as well, such as:

  • Frequent (but not overwhelming) linking to relevant content
  • Satisfying buttons and links that feel good to click on
  • Distinct sections of content that contrast one another
  • Friendly icons that give context and immediate info

These are just some of the ways that we use fundamentals of web design to make sites that people truly want to visit and keep visiting. For more information on the work that we do and how we can bring the unique strengths of a Kalamazoo web design service to you, click here to contact us.

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