Kalamazoo Web Design Services that Get You Noticed

Web design is one of those professions that seems a lot easier on the outside than what it actually entails. While it’s true that most anybody can create their own website, making a website that is user-friendly, responsive, and easily discovered through a search engine like Google is (literally) a mixture of art and science. Still, we believe that anyone who wants their business to have a fair shake at being discovered online and using that online platform to convert viewers to customers should have that chance. That’s why we provide our services to Kalamazoo businesses and the broader southwestern Michigan area. To give you an idea of these services that we offer and the work that goes in to making your voice heard, this month’s blog post will focus on the two sides of every website we work on: the front end and the back end.

The Front End

Put simply, the front end of a website is everything a user sees when they access it. Put not-so-simply, the front end of a website creates the conversions, aesthetic experience, and user experience whenever someone clicks on a site. While this most notably entails aspects of development such as a landing page (the page users are supposed to see when they first access the site), it’s also critical that the site be made seamless in all the “little” aspects as well. Powerful front end web development means making room for satisfying, responsive design. When you hover the cursor over a button, for instance, does the button have some sort of effect that acknowledges its presence? If so, know that this is certainly a conscious choice purposefully designed to make visitors to your site more engaged and increase the likelihood of clicking on these buttons. As a result, these seemingly tiny choices make an immense difference.

The Back End

Naturally, the back end of the website is the part that visitors don’t see. The back end of a website is where our programmers write in all the code that creates the complex (but hopefully simple to the viewer) website processes that make the magic happen. Much of the time spent on the back end will be directed toward making the website as discoverable and accessible to as many people as possible. This means that our programmers optimize for multiple devices—such as PC, iPhone, and iPad—as well as for a plethora of screen sizes and people with varying levels of vision or reading ability. These decisions also make Google and other search engines happy, which means they direct more visitors to our sites!

This is just an elemental summary of the front end/back end divide, but we at Blue Fire Media Kalamazoo hope that it provides a bit more insight into the type of work we do and results we strive to attain. If you’re interested contracting our expertise to make your business the compelling website it deserves, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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