SEO Services in Kalamazoo and How to Use Them

Search engine optimization services are essential in the modern world. Where the phonebook used to be one of the primary ways for customers to connect with businesses, the internet is the natural tool for today’s customers. That being said, the phone book held a much simpler process of getting found back in the day.

Because phone books listed services alphabetically, companies would use names that began with ‘A’ to be found first by potential customers. Even today, you might notice a prevalence of companies that start with A, A1, or AAA in your area—it’s because this strategy worked.

Today, however, search engine optimization (SEO) is quite a bit more complicated than phone book optimization (PBO?)—and that’s for the better. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the strengths of search engine optimization and why SEO services are essential for any Kalamazoo business owner.

SEO Services Get the Right Businesses Found

For all their faults, modern search engines such as Google are a marvel so advanced, sci-fi writers would have had a difficult time predicting them. Search engines today tend to use a blend of keywords, referencing, and suggestion features in order to provide the best search results possible for all internet users, not just businesses that start with ‘A’. Let’s break it down.


Keywords (or key phrases) are words that represent the main idea or purpose of a website. If you wanted to find a site that represented a catering service, for instance, then some keywords that site might use would be “Catering services Kalamazoo,” “Wedding catering,” or “food service providers.” Search engines see that people who search these keywords tend to prioritize sites that offer catering services, so Google moves catering services with those keywords to the top of the results page.


Search engines also generally use a referencing system to ensure that better quality websites are recommended first. Out of all the catering websites, for instance, the ones with the most references (or links) are likely to be recommended to you first. When other sites link to that catering site, Google essentially sees it as a vote of confidence that the site is worth visiting.

Suggestion Features

Search engines further narrow down their search results by using data relevant to the user performing the search. If the user is from Kalamazoo, for instance, then when they search “catering services,” they’re likely to get results for caterers in southwest Michigan.

How to Capitalize on SEO Services

Search engines are surprisingly transparent with how all of this works—and for good reason. Companies like Google want sites to follow rules of search engine optimization because they make money when users find helpful results, and helpful results are accomplished through properly utilizing SEO services.

Therefore, companies like ours at Blue Fire Media essentially use the finer points of search engine optimization to make sure that businesses leaping father into the digital age have a fair shake on the digital marketplace. Here at Blue Fire Kalamazoo, we even employ a staff of web designers, graphic designers, and SEO professionals who specialize in getting business found online by the people who ought to be finding them.

For more information on our search engine optimization services for businesses around Kalamazoo, contact us today for more information.

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