Upgrade with a Responsive Website in Kalamazoo

Older websites can be problematic when trying to run them on a newer piece of technological equipment. With the way that technology is constantly progressing, a website that is 10, or even just 5, years-old can create a frustrating experience for people trying to navigate them on a newer smartphone or tablet. Not only can it be difficult to read the smaller fonts on these devices, but older pictures and videos work terribly, if at all, on newer devices. This leaves a bad first impression on potential customers and could ultimately result in them looking elsewhere for the products and services they need. Blue Fire Media can help get your website updated to work responsively with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device you use to browse the internet. In today’s post, we will look at how the team at Blue Fire Media can provide you with responsive web development services in Kalamazoo.

Older Sites were Designed with Desktops and Laptops in Mind

Traditional desktop and laptop computers are still very much in use, but smartphones and tablets are used far more prevalently in today’s society. Because of this, websites need to be programmed with the versatility that allows them to work properly no matter what sort of device is being used. Otherwise, visitors to your site can experience a number of functionality problems while using your website. For instance, you may visit a doctor’s website and want to click on a link for insurance information. If the font for the link is too small, you may have difficulty getting it to register, or you may accidentally click the wrong link. You may notice video links with error messages, or open spots where pictures are supposed to be.

Whatever the case, Blue Fire Media can help you avoid these issues with a new responsive website that can accommodate video and picture files, while also including large, easy-to-click buttons and links to help you navigate from page to page. This means that the visitors to your site will have an easier time using it, will spend more time on the website, and are more likely to do business with you than they would if they had to fumble through an older site that doesn’t function on their devices. We can also provide you with SEO services to help people find your website easier through online search engines.

The team at Blue Fire Media is ready to help your Kalamazoo business with a brand new responsive web design that will establish a strong presence on the internet. Give us a call and let us know about the website you need for your business today!