Upgrade Your Current Site to a Responsive Website That Works on All Devices

How old is your current website? A couple years? Five? Ten? The older your website is, the more issues that may occur when people try to access the site from newer technological devices like smartphones and tablets. This means photos and videos that don’t appear properly, tiny fonts that make it difficult to read, hyperlinks that don’t work properly, and other issues that will frustrate visitors to your site and result in them leaving your site and going to a competitor to find what they need. With a new responsive website from Blue Fire Media in Kalamazoo, you can provide your current or prospective clients with a much better online experience, increasing the chances that they will do business with you. In today’s post, we will discuss the benefits of upgrading your website to a responsive design.

Your Website Will Work Perfectly on Newer Devices

Many people still access the internet through desktop computers and laptops on which older websites are at least minimally functional. However, a growing percentage of web searches are done on devices like smartphones or tablets that have much smaller screens. Because these older websites were designed before the most recent generation of devices were made, they will not function properly on these newer devices. With responsive web design from Blue Fire Media in Kalamazoo, you will get a brand new website that will function properly on different devices and operating systems. Pictures and videos will work properly. The size of the font will adjust automatically, making it easier to read on smaller screens. Users will be able to navigate the website successfully with larger, clearly visible links and buttons. Overall, this makes for a much more pleasant experience for the user, which will result in people staying on the website longer and increased possibility of customers hiring you for the services they need. This responsive design will also improve your overall web presence, especially when coupled with search engine optimization, which can improve your ranking in online search engines.

No matter if you need a website for the new business you are starting or you need to bring your existing website up to speed with modern technology, the talented web design team at Blue Fire Media in Kalamazoo will work closely with you to create a great-looking website with all of the aesthetic and functionality feature you want. Contact us today and let us know about the new responsive website your business needs.

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